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Note from Orange aPEEL™ this testimonial was not solicited and was retrieved from the internet and included on www.orangeapeel.com by permission from A Groovy Groomer

Which Deskunking Product Works?

Who would know the best Deskunking Products? A GROOMER of Course!
Which one works?

Recently, a lot of calls came in August inquiring if I can deskunk sprayed dogs. This would be the best opportunity for me to test products and do a review, anyone that knows me, knows I will give you my honest opinion on a product. This is strictly my opinion and opinions of dog owners who rise to the dilemma of their dog encountering a skunk and being sprayed.

I took 5 products, some home made and some recipes online.

1. Baking soda and peroxide. It was also the recommended from the Dog Owner's vet.

Those whom have never mixed the two products, it will foam up when mixed together. Avoid eye area of the dog. My method was applying direct to throat area that was sprayed and waited 30 mins., rinsed thoroughly and high velocity, drying the dog. Once completely dried, both the owner and myself could still smell whiffs of skunk, slightly faded.

Conclusion: dog still had skunk odor, slightly removed but still noticeable. The owner agreed.

Scale 1-10 Strong odor 1......... 10 no odor
This qualified as 4

2. Tomatoes/juice. Recommended by owner avoid eye area. Soaked entire throat of dog for 20 mins., rinsed thoroughly. Velocity dries dog

Smell check: pungent smell of skunk. Owner asked for another treatment.

Conclusion: did not work, waste of time and tomatoes.

This ranked 1 on scale (10 being no smell)
We bathed dog again in Orange aPEEL™ Deskunking & Deodorizing Shampoo odour completely gone!

3. I did take a clients dog to a peroxide bath system as requested, this the highly promoted product as the only one that will remove skunk odor! They bathed the dog with their product system, when the dog was handed over she was still wet in places, not dried completely.

Smell check: extreme odor of skunk

Conclusion: The employee ensured me it would take a few bathes (3-5) depending on how much the dog was sprayed.

Scale 3 out of 10 ( 10 being no smell)

4. SOS skunk odor shampoo. Owner brought with her, neighbor recommended avoid eye area thoroughly wet coat apply shampoo set up to 15 minutes, rinse repeat if necessary. Velocity dry.

Smell check: odor present

Scale 4, but had to repeat and second attempt

Smell check on second bath 8

5.Orange aPEEL™ Deskunking & Deodorizing Shampoo. Owner asked Groomer for best deskunking shampoo.

Avoid eye area. Add directly onto skunked coat, do not wet the dog as water sets in oils. You want oil to oil to extract the skunk oil. Wait 20 mins., rinse, velocity dry dog.

Smell check: Oranges no hint of skunk

Scale of 1-10 10 No SMELL!!!

Conclusion: I recommend Orange aPEEL™ Deskunking & Deodorizing Shampoo as my first choice in skunk sprayed dogs.

I, nor the Owner could detect the dog was sprayed at all.

*This product review was performed on 5 different dogs all sprayed the day before. The dog used in 5. was sprayed twice in one night.

Having tried many off the shelf de-skunking products, Orange aPEEL™ Deskunking & Deodorizing Shampoo is the only one that I recommend

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