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The Orange aPEEL Company, whose parent company was established in 1969, has been manufacturing/marketing and distributing this wonder product for use throughout the world. From Canada to the U.S.A., Hong Kong to England/Ireland, to the Caribbean and on to Australia. Orange aPEEL has made a name for itself as a natural/organic citrus highly concentrated cleaner, created from the seeds and peels of oranges!

What can you clean with these remarkable products?

Just about everything!

There are Orange aPEEL formulations for home, office, business, industrial uses. For pet care and kennels. Stable and farm uses, cleaning livestock trailers and vehicles as well as RVs. Garden care or even personal care! For the product with thousands of uses that fits your individual needs, click on the "products" tab at the top.

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Extremely Important Notice

Orange aPEEL ® is a registered trademark of the Orange aPEEL company in the United States and Canada. The Orange aPEEL Company is not affiliated or in any manner related to Orange aPEEL Pty Limited of Australia, and is not responsible for any product defects or any other issues regarding products produced by Orange aPEEL Pty Limited of Australia. or any business using our name with similar products (knock offs). Please contact the legitimate www.orangeapeel.ca established 1996.

Thank you!
Aidan W. Finn
Orange aPEEL®™


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